• Sourcing, Manufacturing and Delivery

    Resolve all your manufacturing needs with LP Agency’s unique service.

    From sourcing to manufacturing to final delivery, our all inclusive service means your costs will be reduced, your time saved and your production targets reached.

    We will make your clothing, furniture, jewellery, textiles, bedding, Drager filtration masks, clothing accessories and safety belts and bands.

  • Highly Experienced

    With over 15 years experience across a multitude of industries, we have an established network of manufacturers who are able to produce almost any product.

    To see our diverse range of production specialities, please take a look at our Industries page.

  • Your Guarantee

    If you are looking for your products to be produced in large quantities, with guaranteed quality and fast delivery LP Agency will always be able to help you.

    High quality, delivered on time and on budget is guaranteed.

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Connecting Worldwide brands with European manufacturers.

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European Manufacturing Partners

Are you looking for a manufacturing company who can deliver the highest quality products, short lead times and competitive pricing?

LP Agency source the best suppliers, based in Europe, for your manufacturing needs.

See our Industries page for more details of the items we can produce for you.

A Fresh, Creative & Innovative Approach

Outsourcing the production of your products, from textiles to clothing and from furniture to jewellery, has become much easier.

Our creative team will help turn your ideas and plans into a reality. LP Agency have many years’ experience in delivering the right product in the right quantity at the best quality.

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Handled by a professional team

Your manufacturing project will be managed from start to finish by our small but dedicated team of professionals.

We work in close contact with you so that you know what’s happening every step of the way.

Our factories are equipped with the latest technolgies to ensure quality and efficiency – that’s how we keep our prices down!

Great service. LP Agency understood the whole process from start to finish, listened to my concerns and made sure that I was kept up to date throughout the project. Highly recommended!

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About Us

LP Agency are based on the South Coast of England and have over 15 years experience in connecting Worldwide brands with European manufacturers. At the centre of our operation we have built up a trusting relationship with leading European manufacturing centres…which means that you can be assured of high quality products, delivered on time and within budget.