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Clothing Manufacture

Our sewing factories specialise in knitted garments and have been servicing companies all around the world. The factories have full production capabilities – knitting, dyeing, cutting-out, printing, embroidering, sewing, packing. Our production facilities are all equipped with modern machinery which meets international standards for manufacturing of knitted wear from 100% cotton, cotton with lycra, cotton with polyester, viscose and viscose with lycra.

Full product range capacity

We have capacity to produce a complete range of mens, ladies, boys and girls garments such as t-shirts, polo shirts, tops, summer skirts and dresses, leggings, nightwear, underwear and sportswear. The assortment is produced in different styles: with prints, embroidery, applications, decoration and other accessories. There are regular, glitter, puff, foil, flock, sugar, reflex, silicone prints used, as well as their combinations.

Skilled and Experienced team

With a team of over 400 highly skilled employees, a production capacity of more than 550,000 pieces monthly and full production cycle services we are ready to meet our customers’ various production needs.
All orders are subject to strict quality control processes and we guarantee our agreed quality at extremely competitive prices along with on-time delivery.


Fabric is knitted in our own knitting facility. The production capacity in the knitting department is 4 tonnes per day. We are able to produce single jersey, fine or double rib, interlock, 2 and 3 thread fleece, etc.


After meeting quality control requirements textiles are sent to the dye-house which has capacity of 4 tonnes per day. Fabrics are gently processed in our hi-tech machines with a loading capacity of 150 kg. Dyeing knitted fabrics made of cotton, cotton with lycra, viscose, viscose with lycra can be performed free of tension and crease marks, obtaining excellent non-shrinking results and a silky touch.
The suitability of all fabrics are controlled in the quality control department against customer needs and internationally accepted criteria. The process starts with colour control and continues with surface, physical and chemical control. All processes during dyeing are monitored online. This control system means that any problem can be detected immediately and the same problem be prevented from recurring.


After dyeing all fabrics go through quality control again before they are cut-out. The cutting room program is organised to obtain highest level of efficiency for our sewing room. We use a laser cutting machine with a capacity of 17,000 pieces per day.


Our embroidery operation has been going since 1991. It caters for both the production requirements of our company and other ready-made clothing producers in the region. The quality is ensured by use of state-of-the-art embroidering machines with 8 heads using up to 32 colours.


Our printing room has been in operation for over 30 years. It operates with a capacity of 3,000 pieces per day.


With our sewing production lines we give the best possible results to our customers for today’s extremely competitive market by producing higher quality goods.
The production capacity in house is 550,000 pieces per month with 150 employees and an additional 100,000 pieces with subcontractors.
Production is carried out with strict quality control processes from receipt of the raw materials and then throughout the manufacturing process. We ensure that customers’ specifications are always met or exceeded. Reliability, creativity and excellent communication, as well as a good know-how in textiles, based on our many years experience in the industry constitute the foundation of our success.

Quality control

Our experienced and accurate quality control and inspection teams check every garment sewed against the approved sample.
We always guaranteed the best quality and the fastest delivery terms for our customers.
We look forward to working with you in the mass manufacturing of any clothing from your collection.


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About Us

LP Agency are based on the South Coast of England and have over 15 years experience in connecting Worldwide brands with European manufacturers. At the centre of our operation we have built up a trusting relationship with leading European manufacturing centres…which means that you can be assured of high quality products, delivered on time and within budget.